Build real-time communication applications with Azure Web PubSub

Azure’s latest service uses WebSockets to deliver a publish-and-subscribe messaging hub. Microsoft recently released a set of Azure tools, Azure Web PubSub, to help build and run this new generation of applications, taking advantage of the Azure platform-as-a-service approach and its serverless tools to host a publish-and-subscribe service designed to mix one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communications, all while taking advantage of cloud economics and scalability to deliver a relatively low-cost service. Azure Web PubSub Overview Azure Web PubSub enables you to build real-time messaging web applications using WebSockets and the publish-subscribe pattern. Any platform supporting WebSocket APIs can connect to the service easily, e.g., web pages, mobile applications, edge devices, etc. The service manages the WebSocket connections for you and allows up to 100K  concurrent  connections. It provides powerful APIs for you to manage these clients and deliver real-time mes

Cloud Messaging Transformation with Azure Service Bus using Python

Azure Service Bus Introductory Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a reliable information delivery service. The purpose of this service is to make communication easier. When two or more parties want to exchange information, they need a communication facilitator. Service Bus is a brokered, or third-party communication mechanism. Different situations call for different styles of communication. Sometimes, letting applications send and receive messages through a simple queue is the best solution. In other situations, an ordinary queue isn't enough; a queue with a publish-and-subscribe mechanism is better. In some cases, all that's needed is a connection between applications, and queues are not required. Azure Service Bus provides all three options, enabling your applications to interact in several different ways. Service Bus is a multi-tenant cloud service, which means that the service is shared by multiple users. Each user, such as an application developer, creates a n