Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello World!
I am here with U!!!

Hey hey please check out arround by you, I am always with you. Infact you all are with me. So thanking you all for suporting me always by remains with me.

Any ways I know all of you little bit. But My first kind duty is that introduce my self infront of all to you people.

Ok - Then starts -
My Name is Jignesh. Full Name is Jignesh Himmatbhai Dodia.
Well From hearing my name you all realize me 10% perfactly that I am a Gujarati guy. Yes you all are thinking correctly.

I am from Gujarat and so i am pure Gujarati - Kathiyavadi 'CHHOKRA'. But also I am INDIAN not only Gujarati. Now you also realize that I am also DESH-BHAKTA. Now I am in Mumbai for making my career with IT industry.

I am MS.c(ICT) - Software Auditor CUM Software Enginner. Now Doing Job in Finacial Technology - MCX Exchange, Mumbai as a Software Auditor. But I am also loving to making web development, designing, any thing which related with some creative activity. Also loving to MUSIC very very much Specially listening and playing FLUTE, VIOLIN, GUITAR, ORGAN, etc.

Opps! If I am Tell evry thing regarding me than why you need to contact to me.
So, for My Contact mail me at -, related to any query for Web Development and Graphic Desgning and ofcourse knowing more regarding me.

Thanking You All.

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